Control your development and
get everything in one place.

Conquer your building data easily with a single source of truth.
Enjoy massive cost and time savings like never before.
Data Soluce is building intelligence.


Our platform makes BIM-oriented projects intuitive for all.
Really – for everyone, expert or not.

One easy to navigate interface, where you can store your data and have access to the past and presentversions of the building. We’ve designed special features for all actors (owners, design team, contractors). Jump in, get started, and quickly see what’s important to you.


Master 3D file with all information combined.


Centralize knowledge & share it with everyone

digital twin

Vizualize a digital twin of your building project


Collaborate with all roles in the project

data available

Ensure your data is available instantly

Merging your building data is a breeze.
Automated, fast, and free from human error.

Once your files are on the platform, you can start visualizing your building projects and collaborating with all stakeholders. Our automated process makes it quick and accurate. Unified, centralized, and structured for everyone.


Upload your technical files and 3D models on the platform


Automatically combine written and graphic documents


Explore a data-driven twin of your building


Centralize knowledge and share with everyone onboard


Keep track of your building data and make relevant decisions

Easy to use, powerful, robust.
Just like the building you’re developing.

We developed the ultimate platform allowing an efficient and collaborative building lifecycle management process. From kickoff to completion (and beyond), enjoy substantial cost and time savings.

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Owner, builder, engineer, designer.
It’s for everyone connected to the project.

Save an incredible amount of time, money, and headaches.

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Our customers love us.
Here’s what a few of them said.

  • Today, in our role as client, we expect significant financial and time-saving benefits from this technology, ranging from 1 to 7 times our original investment.

    Rémi Vignon
    Directeur de projets AMO

    We have found a team that understands all aspects of how to optimize data for a building’s entire lifetime, including during construction. This assists us greatly in planning for the operational phase.

    Christophe Dumas
    Head of innovation
  • Because of how data is structured over a building’s entire lifetime, Data Soluce is able to ensure the transfer of information critical to managing our asset. For one property, we estimate an annual savings of €2 per square meter thanks to an improved understanding of the building’s data.

    Alain Guisnel
    Head of Innovation

    More testimonial soon