Our Vision

No more guessing games : let’s industrialize your real estate projects


Investors, Developers, Property manager, …


Prior to the company’s founding, every member of the DATA SOLUCE team witnessed firsthand the dysfunctions of the real estate industry: fragmented information, archaic exchanges between stakeholders, recurring mistakes, lack of transparency, lack of traceability and, above all, lack of knowledge capitalization. This applies to both technical and financial aspects, at every stage of a building’s lifecycle, from its design to its operations.

Following the footsteps of the aeronautic industry in the 1980s, the real estate and construction sector is now beginning its digital transition. With the advent of new tools (Cloud, BIM, IoT…), the adequate maturity of the stakeholders and the willingness to improve the productivity of each profession (costs and quality), all the key elements are now there to sustainably transform the processes of our sector.

This is the purpose of DATA SOLUCE: to provide businesses with technology that enables and supports this transformation, so that each new project is an opportunity to learn more, to be more accurate and thorough in order to design or manage the next project. After aeronautics, automotive, shipbuilding and manufacturing, it is now time for the real estate industry to industrialize its entire value chain, by bringing together all stakeholders on the datasoluce.io platform around a “digital twin” streamlined over the entire lifecycle of the asset.

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