DATA SOLUCE, based in Paris (Station F) and Quimper (Brittany), has developed since 2018 a collaborative BIM (Building Information Modeling) SaaS platform capable of creating and enhancing the digital twin of a building in real time. The solution guarantees project owners sustainable and optimal management of their assets, throughout the entire life cycle of the project.

Made up of a multi-skilled team (Building, Real Estate and IT experts), the company concluded in December 2019 a round of financing of several million euros with SMABTP, the construction insurer and the Banque des Territoires (Caisse des Dépôts).

DATA SOLUCE offers an innovative and structuring digital solution likely to enable local authorities and social landlords, among others, to optimize the operating and maintenance costs of their buildings. This investment is part of the Banque des Territoires’ action to promote more connected territories.

This fundraising will enable the company, which has already attracted some big names in the real estate industry, to accelerate its development throughout the country, with a view to opening up internationally.

By partnering with two key secular institutions for the public and private real estate sector, DATA SOLUCE provides its customers with a long-term guarantee of sustainability and national sovereignty of data.

In a context of high uncertainty, it becomes imperative for organizations to control the many hidden costs inherent to the life of a building.

By addressing this untapped source of savings, the SaaS solution will provide its customers with a competitive advantage, enabling them to finance sustainable and virtuous innovation.

In addition to enhancing the value and management of real estate assets, the solution also makes it possible to strengthen the ability of buildings to adapt to changing and/or crisis missions.

With its award-winning technological innovation in Silicon Valley, DATA SOLUCE is now the partner of choice for real estate clients seeking to make a successful digital transition.

DATA SOLUCE’s ambition is to become the “prerequisite” that will enable project owners to improve their productivity and the value of their real estate assets, by taking advantage of new technologies that have recently appeared in the sector (Bim, cloud, IoT, etc.).

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