A platform dedicated to project owners, covering all phases of a real estate project 


Centralized, standardized and reliable data directly accessible through the digital twin

Building lifecycle platform

  • Global and long term strategy with DATA SOLUCE expertise throughout the planning, design, construction and operations & maintenance phases
  • Upstream data integration, to be used in the following phase
  • Archival and traceability of data over the course of the project

Links between model, data and objects

  • Operations and maintenance support with equipment data and documentation readily available on the viewer
  • Position and classification of all types of equipment
  • Triple qualification of equipment
    • Properties and characteristics
    • Technical and administrative descriptions
    • Technical and administrative documentation (technical data sheets, calculation notes, manuals,…)

Consulting, monitoring & control

  • Structured deliverables during design and construction for a standardized real estate portfolio
  • Project monitoring made easy for the project owner with approval of deliverables
  • Exhaustive data quality audits of digital models all throughout the project
  • Control of planning discrepancies and project modifications