Build digital as-built records in real time



Centralize data from all disciplines, monitor expected areas, approve deliverables for as-built records and get a ready-to-use digital twin.


  • Collaborative management of all parties involved in project management and contracting
  • Standardization of data classification on a patrimonial scale
  • Archival and traceability of design changes
  • Access to all types of equipment, sorted by room and linked to their data and documentation


  • Development of a BIM construction strategy with drafting of specifications
  • Project monitoring to ensure that expectations of the contracting authority are met (area tracking, etc)
  • Structured and ready-to-use digital deliverables: “deliverables ready for operation and maintenance”
  • Data quality audits of digital models in all disciplines


  • Quick start of a construction project with an easy handling of all the stakeholders involved
  • A document management system that centralizes technical, administrative and financial documents, classified using metadata
  • Digital twin viewing: design models for all disciplines, accessible without software
  • Monitoring of market discrepancies and services: BIM objects are linked to corresponding technical and administrative documents