We combine data sources to enable building intelligence.

Our goal is simple: to bring the best tools to the development process, allowing everyone involved to make better decisions and move faster thanks to accurate data.

Why we got started

Breaking silos and getting everyone on the same page can be a pain.
But it’s important, which is why we created our platform.

We know what it’s like to lack right information, and how that can cause delays, cost overruns and frustration.
Keeping everyone well informed helps collaboration and saves a ton of money.

Our platform helps everyone connected to the project have a single source of truth for the building.

We help everyone connected to the project save time, money and eliminate headaches in building development.
Our experience in development helps us to create tools to help you manage, design and build as efficiently as possible.

We help building owners:

Increase the value of the building with a higher performance (environmental, economic, technical) and a save costs


Give a whole and integrate management system with a real-time monitoring of performance

We help design teams:

Ensure a high quality of delivery by providing self auto analysis tools to garantee an accurate data


Save time by providing an access to all tech specifications and regulatory compliance of a given object in a given room with a simple clic

We help construction & maintenance teams:

Increase efficiency of construction by integrating workflows between all stakeholders providing a real-time accurate data


Self-control & analysis tools for a highly qualitative workflow.

We’re a passionate team of people from across the globe,
committed to making your project a success.

A snapshot of how our unique Data Soluce predictive algorithms help multiple roles in a variety of different situations across the lifecycle of real estate projects and building development.

Data Soluce Leadership

Nicolas Regnier



Nicolas is a serial entrepreneur in Real Estate & Construction. He has strong experience in real estate development for key global players. He is also the President of Smart Building Alliance’s BIM Committee and a board member of “HQE Alliance” (French Green Building Council).

Francois Palissot


Head of R&D

Francois is all about data. While being a construction economist during nearly 30 years, François was always passionate about BIM and data in Real Estate. He created the BIM FRANCE Association at the early days of BIM.

Jaques Loriot



Jacques is a technical and informatics engineer. He has got rare expertise on both BIM softwares and back-end development. He was creating a clone of a famous CAO software when he decided to cofound Data Soluce.

Simon Valadou



Simon is passionate about figures and strategy. Thanks to his background in public and territorial affairs, he acquired strong skills in public relations, dealing with urban logics and policies.

Julien Ciacci



Julien spent 12 years at Bouygues Construction, where he proved to be a man of action. As part of the Strategic Team of “Rénovation Privée”, he created a new branch of the company dealing with upcycling. His entrepreneur spirit is now fully satisfied at Data Soluce.

Héloïse Jacob



As an Engineering & Architecture graduate and former Sustainability Consultant for Real Estate Investors, Héloïse is now leading the Product Development Team to build top-notch functionalities, while keeping a sharp eye on resources efficiency.

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