Finally, building development free of segmented and isolated processes.

The Data Soluce platform enables total collaboration across the lifecycle of real estate development and maintenance. Say goodbye to huge delays and massive cost overruns with a single source of truth and real-time, universal building data.

Plan Full
Save time
and expense
Step 1:


Make sure your qualitative and quantitative expectations are truly met, with surface controls for example.

Step 2:


Get an as-built digital twin of your project from merged 3D models with all data linked and current.

Step 3:


Easily find your project documents and communicate information about the closure to all stakeholders.

Step 4:


Get real-time updates of your building’s data. Manage maintenance efficiently and solve issues in no time.

Our platform makes BIM-oriented projects intuitive for all.
Really – for everyone, expert or not.

One easy to navigate interface, where you can store your data and have access to the past and presentversions of the building. We’ve designed special features for all actors (owners, design team, contractors). Jump in, get started, and quickly see what’s important to you.


Universal file-hosting interface with extra features for every role.


Unique web-based 3D model viewer available anytime with live data.


Live digital twin developed from all building data streams.


Self-control & analysis tools for a highly qualitative workflow.


Environment Cost, Risk, Security, & more to improve performance.

Real benefits for real-life situations.
Case studies designed to inspire and enlighten.

A snapshot of how our unique Data Soluce predictive algorithms help multiple roles in a variety of different situations across the lifecycle of real estate projects and building development.

  • Case Study 01

    Predictive Data for Costs

    Cost control is key. Today, every building is designed as a prototype reinvented every time.

    By creating a digital twin of its buildings, the owner can capitalize the costs in a comprehensive database. Using it at the early beginning of a project will be game-changing: from the schematic design phase, actors can benefit from an extremely precise quantification of the project in real-time!

    Above all, a group purchasing policy directly with suppliers and manufacturers can be implemented by owners and real estate developers for all their ongoing or planned projects.

    Roles that benefit

    Investors, Developers

    Teams involved

    Designers, Engineers, GC

  • Case Study 02

    Predictive Data for Insurance and Risk

    The cost of construction errors represents billions of dollars each year for Insurance Firms, Owners, Designers and GC.

    The only way to eliminate these cost overruns is error prevention.
    How useful could it be for an architect to see claims statistics and preventive actions linked to a component he is in the process of building in a simple pop-up? Everyone involved in the project is now aware of the risks and costs involved and could take preventive actions to avoid future problems.

    Roles that benefit

    Investors, Architects, Insurance Firms

    Teams involved

    Designers, Engineers, GC

  • Case Study 03

    Predictive Data for Maintenance

    The predictive technology DS has developed calculates life expectancy for each component in the building. It provides an everyday state of health and performance of the building. It predicts likely dysfunctions of equipment and therefore make the management of the building easier for O&M.

    Roles that benefit

    Users, Facility managers

    Teams involved


  • Case Study 04

    Reactive Data for Safety & Security

    Imagine a fire is detected in a building. The first minutes before the firemen’s intervention are often decisive. In this case, predictive algorithms calculate, in real time, the right way from the nearest access of the building to the room where the accident occurred.

    Roles that benefit


    Teams involved

    Owners, Facility managers