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Réflexions immobilères, magazine d'IEIF

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L’industrie immobilière a un pied dans la Station F. Installée dans l’incubateur HEC et parrainée par Olivier Wigniolle (HEC 1985), Data Soluce, figure parmi les premiers occupants de l’ensemble immobilier.

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Data Soluce, la start-up immobilière de la Station F

Nicolas Régnier, président de Data Soluce, et Olivier Wigniolle, directeur général d'Icade et parrain de la start-up, nous font découvrir la Station F.

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Réflexions immobilères, magazine d'IEIF

Make the Building Information Modeling (BIM) available
for property management.

Data Soluce offers a completely online solution to centralize the data of your property. Structuring the BIM data in order to enhance its use is our added value.

For further information, please read this article.

Event: Meeting BIM

Data Soluce and its partner ICADE group gave a joint presentation at the event Meeting BIM to illustrate how its solution has brought competitive advantages to ICADE. The event was organized by the editorial boards of Le Moniteur and Les Cahiers Techniques du Bâtiment.

27th June 2017, Paris

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Réflexions immobilères, magazine d'IEIF

Periodical: Réflexions immobilières

“Real estate and building” are among the last sectors to undergo digital transition.

How these sectors can benefit from digitalization and improve their productivity at the same time? What tools are available to them? And by using such tools, what opportunities are open to them.

For further information, please read this article.

The second real estate symposium organized by ESPI
(École supérieure des professions immobilières) in Morocco.

“Real estate, construction and sustainable development” was this year’s theme. Data Soluce took the chance to present its insights on innovation in the presence of Ms. Nabila EL MERINI, Director of Housing Development at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Policy.

20th-21th April 2017, Marrakesh


100% digital cities:
for or against the citizens?
Conference with Gilles BABINET.

Nowadays, urban development and its relating services confront a key issue – the disruptive phenomenon caused by the new digital economy and the use of big data in city planning, which will have an impact on the inhabitants.

2nd March 2017, Paris

The city of tomorrow
will go through BIM.
BIM conference organized by EIVP.

Experts in BIM (including the handling and professional use of BIM, owner-builders and general contractors) shared their experiences through many concrete examples.

They exchanged views as well as answered questions from the public in a round table discussion.

5th October 2016, Paris

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