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Photo by Paul Bieche
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Data Soluce is a French Tech startup in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.

Who we are?

Data Soluce was founded by a group of men and women who are passionate about the use of digital technologies in the construction industry.

We aim to add value to your property while ensuring data reliability, security, accessibility and coherence.

Photo by Paul Bieche
Photo by Paul Bieche

What do we do?

Data Soluce provides you with a reliable and secured online platform where you can gather and synchronize the data produced by each actor of the construction value chain.

Our partners will help you set up the optimal processes and organization in order to maximize your benefits from our services.

For whom?

Our solution targets owner-builders. We structure the construction information right from the start, thus enabling owner-builders to monitor the data produced by contractors and to optimize the use of such data during the lifetime of a building.

All actors involved can verify the coherence of their own information before making it available.

Photo by Paul Bieche
Photo by Paul Bieche


Productivity of the construction industry has progressed very little during the past decades and its level of digitalization remains quite low.

This key sector of world economy deserves the best of modern technologies in order to increase its competitiveness.


Our solution relies on the quality of the data produced (premises, surfaces, quantities, descriptions, objects etc.) in order to improve the control, utilization and subsequent maintenance of construction projects.

We also apply a specific methodology to ensure optimal data use, our partners will help you with the set-up.

Photo by Paul Bieche
Photo by Paul Bieche

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